Outdoor Photo Booth Hire Guide

We do not normally allow the Photo Booths to be used outside, in special circumstances and that you are aware of the considerations what could happen we will allow it.

We do not offer any refunds if the operator deems it a risk to themselves or the equipment.

Here are some considerations when setting up outside:

If it does rain and there is chance that the photo booth will get wet, we will shut down the booth, there will be NO refunds due to weather that is unsafe for our staff and equipment.
• WEATHER- The photo booth takes about 30 -45 minutes to set up and 30 -45minutes to break down, If it starts to rain we can’t break it down fast enough and it’s about $10,000+ worth of equipment that would be ruined.
• HEAT: The Photo Booth is full of electronics that will overheat and turn off when the temperature gets too high.
• GLARE: The screen is hard or impossible to see when the sun is out and shining on the screen.
• SQUINTING, all of your guests will be squinting in the photos.
• EXPOSURE: The photos will not look as good if the sun is on your guests.
• SURFACE: Photo booth MUST BE set up on a hard level surface, will not work on grass, rocks or sand.
• AT NIGHT: Bugs the lights from the photo booth attract every bug in Queensland they get all over the background and your guests.