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All Star Photo Booths offers you and your guests a true photo booth experience that can only be achieved in a real fully enclosed photo booth, as you know there is something special happens when the curtain closes and the fun begins.


The 3 P’s of Photo Booth Fun

Privacy –  Prop’s – Photos

Since the appearance of the first photo booth 1925 on Broadway in New York City where for 25 cents the booth took and developed and printed 8 photos, a process taking roughly ten minutes and yes with new technology the printing now taking about 12 seconds and the ability to capture high definition video with sound, it does seem like nothing has changed in nearly 100 years the fun and laughter that come out of the photo booth and the gift of a snapshot of a moment in time is something special. With the addition of props it has taken photo booth fun to a whole new level.

Privacy –

When you step into the Photo Booth and the curtain close there is something about the feeling of privacy that brings out the inner fun person in all of us. The best way to ensure this is to make sure the Photo Booth you hire is fully enclosed with solid walls, ask for a picture of the booth you will be hired as there some so called booths out there that are just a box with a camera and something that looks like a shower curtain or even just a camera in a box and no booth (yes they still say it is a photo booth).

Props –

Lots of props means lots of fun, the more props the better we offer Stick Props, Hats, Novelty Glasses, Masks, Fun Signs, Wigs and more.

Photos –

Your photos are the gift to your guests and should be of the highest quality, achieve this we use DSLR cameras and Lab quality Dye Sub photo printers.

Our Booths

Our photobooths give you and your guests a true photobooth experience they have a modern look and feel that works with any décor, they have been designed and built in South East Queensland with consultation with professional photographers together with the leading technology and software from around the world producing one of the most advance photobooth on the market.

The Booth –

Our booths are the real deal they are fully enclosed with solid walls that can comfortably fit 6 – 8 adults (more if you plan it right), with plenty of room to get in with a wedding dress or costume, there is no need to be squashed into a small box with a seat that you can barely fit into, they have easy access and is wheelchair friendly.
Even though our photo booth is spacious it has designed to be portable, they can go up flights of stairs and into most lifts with no problem.

Full Touchscreen Operation –

The minute you step inside the booth you will see the large touchscreen awaiting your selection you will also see exactly what the camera is seeing, its like your looking in a mirror you can set up your poses and props. By a simple tap on the touchscreen you can choose black and white, stay on full colour or if you want to leave a video message, once you have made your choice simply touch the start button and the countdown will begin.

Camera –

The camera is a high end Canon Digital SLR, 18 mega-pixel capable of very high resolution photos together with full high defination video. This combined with professional studio quality lighting produces spectacular results.

Photo Printer –

Our photos are printed with a professional photo lab quality dye-sub printer that produces spectacular photos in less than 10 seconds with quality that is second to none, we are happy to send you a sample.

Colour or Black and White Prints –

With a simple tap on the touchscreen you can choose between colour or black and white photos.

Video messaging –

Your video messages are recorded in Full High Definition, you can choose the duration of each message. All video messages will be supplied to you at the end of the function. This feature is standard in all packages, however it can be disabled if required.

Choice of print layouts –

Our software is the worlds leading photo booth software and it enables us to design a variety of print layouts the most popular is the classic 4 pictures in a strip with a logo, but the possibilities are endless.


Photobooth Hire Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Welcome to our frequently asked question page, I hope it answers some of your questions, however if there is someting you are not sure about just give us a call and we will find an answer.

How many people can fit in the photobooth?

Our photo booth can comfortably fit 6 – 8 adults, even more if you plan it right. Most other photo booths can just squeeze in a maximum of two or three people and it only shows their faces. With us we have had a whole bridal party fit in the booth

Can your photobooth access my venue?

Our photobooth is designed to be portable in they can go up flights of stairs and into most lifts with no problem. We don’t charge any extra to get our photobooth upstairs.

Are there any delivery charges?

We offer free delivery to all events for the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast  to Brisbane and everywhere in between. (If your not sure just give us a call and we will confirm) 

What are the quality of your photos like?

We use a 18 mega-pixel camera and a lab quality dye-sub printer to ensure you receive the highest level photostrips in the industry.

Do you provide a photobooth attendant?

We provide a friendly photobooth attendant who will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests from start to finish. Our attendants are technically trained to operate and ensure that you get the best use of your photo Booth.

Does the attendant require a meal?

Yes , Weddings and functions are a lengthy so if you are able to supply the booth attendant with a meal and water or soft drink it would be greatly appreciated, a table seat is not required. We are grateful for your hospitality.

Is it an actual photobooth, or merely a curtain around a camera?

There is something about the privacy of a photobooth that brings out the funny side of people once the curtain is drawn the fun begins. Our photobooth’s are an ACTUAL photobooth with solid walls.

Is video messaging included?

Video messaging is include in all photobooth hires at no extra cost, we can disable if you do so desire.

Will my personalised logo/details appear on every Photo?

Every photostrip is printed with your personalised details or logo, you will also get a choice of print layout.

When do I get my photos?

Your Photo’s print on the spot and will be ready by the time you step out of the booth.

Will I get a copy of all photos and videos?

Yes, you will receive a high-resolution copy of every individual picture and the photostrips as well as all the high definition video messages taken at your event so you can keep sharing the fun from your photobooth experience. A DVD will be provided to you at the end of your event.

Is it an off the shelf photobooth?

No. Our photobooth is designed and built here in Sout East Queensland to suite our local conditions, they are not a cheap imports with a web-cam or a modified arcade style machine. Our photobooths use only the highest grade of equipment to ensure the quality of our photos are second to none. We are happy to send you a sample of our photos.

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